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Name: Deelphor [Online]
Level: 701
Reborn Level: 700
Ki Level: 91
Best Hits (combo): 0x
Last Login: 26th February 2020 05:00:40

Gender: Male
Residence: City Center
Position: Player

Skills: Glove: 93 | Sword: 34 | Speed: 60 | Ki Blasting: 72 | Defence: 17

Player Achievement
Senzu User
Use 1500x senzu
17th December 2019
Senzu Waste
Use 3500x senzu
22nd December 2019
Use 5500x senzu
26th December 2019
Done Reborn Quest!
22nd December 2019
Upgrade Items
First upgrade items
8th January 2020
PACC Scroll
First use PACC Scroll
17th December 2019
Banshee Blast
New spell: Banshee Blast
(Not received)
BiiiG Bang Storm
New spell: Big Bang Storm
(Not received)
Maretsugeki in progress..
New spell: Chou Maretsugeki
24th December 2019
Feel the power! New spell: Ultra strong
21st December 2019
KILL ALL NOW! New spell: Death Flash
24th December 2019
Mystic Time
Mystic time.. New spell: Mystic Maretsugeki
3rd January 2020
Do not underestimate the small.. New spell: Chibi Furie
25th December 2019
Own Lighting!
Freely configure your Lighting!
15th February 2020
LAST POWER spell: Fury Strong
5th January 2020
New power: Fury Strong
26th December 2019
Rider power
Rider x20 monsters!
(Not received)
Teleport master
500x use !telelport
(Not received)
Attempt to defeat the undefeated!
You receive Bills Set.
(Not received)
You killed member of ur guild, Bastard!
22nd December 2019
Yama's Guest!
You are so weak... You died 20x times
21st February 2020
Killing Spree!
Oh yeah! You have killed 50x players
25th February 2020
Die 5x time without Blessings
(Not received)
You lose valuable items!
You Die 5x time without BOL
(Not received)
I don't know my name!
You are undecided!, change name 5x times
(Not received)
Traveled around the islands already 100x
22nd December 2019
Player still is afk
23rd December 2019
Player login to server 150x times
20th January 2020
Train killer!
Player participated in the killing Train!
14th December 2019
Own Doll
Player make own Doll!
20th January 2020
Doll Updater
Player still update doll!
(Not received)
Dragon Ball
Player gave 7 Dragon Ball!
18th December 2019
Black Dragon Ball
Player gave 7 Black Dragon Ball!
(Not received)
Daily Quest maker
Player done 31x Daily quest!
(Not received)
Global MSG
Feel like a tutor!
6th January 2020
90Ki level
15th January 2020
Special Dragon Ball
Player gave 7 Special Dragon Ball!
(Not received)
Miner Master
Player dig up 50 items.
(Not received)
First Items!
Player received initial items!
10th December 2019
First Set!
Player received fist bonus Set items!
15th February 2020
Give me Bonus KI!
Player received Bonus KI items!
31st January 2020
Give me Bonus HP!
Player received Bonus Health items!
(Not received)
Bonus HP/KI User!
Player used Bonus Ki/HP 50x times.
(Not received)
Last Transform!
Final power before reborn!
18th December 2019
Seeker Enemies!
Player looking enemies with player finder!
(Not received)
God of Destruction
SAG: God of Destruction - DONE
(Not received)
Reborn Freeza
SAG: Reborn Freeza - DONE
(Not received)
Done Legendary Gold Headband.. nice.
(Not received)
See what the future looks like...
(Not received)
GOD Outfitt! BOX!
Open Box digital card of GOD!!
16th February 2020
You look niceee...
Change GOD outfit.. WOW!
(Not received)
GOD Powers!! yesah
You have item to free use GOD transform!!!
(Not received)
!Ultra Instinct!
OHHH!!! WATT??.. Shut up and watch..
(Not received)
Statue of UI
Show off your prey..
(Not received)
Burst Rush
Burst Rush? Yes, I have..
(Not received)
Boooost spell
Boost UP and use full power!
(Not received)
Special Radar
From now on you always have with you (and what!)
(Not received)
Flower Leaf
Well, you're a good gardener!
30th December 2019
You made a dungeon! madness...!
17th February 2020
Do you dare to play it?!
(Not received)
Golden Throne!
Like a booss.. you drive slowly and shine..
(Not received)
Vital Point Attack!
Vital Power. Ts a beauty..
(Not received)
First Addon!
And what I look like, do you recognize me?
(Not received)
All Addons!
It was necessary for me, to refresh my look...
(Not received)
Mission Master
Courageous and helpful! We are grateful!
(Not received)
GOD transform!
I Like blue Power!
26th February 2020

Smoke joint
Smoke A Nigga
(Not received)
Ganki Dama Master
User Genki Dama x35
(Not received)
Zooooombie slayer
Win 10x Zombie event
(Not received)
DBV Help
Player reported 10x bugs!
(Not received)
Reborn as Shin!
(Not received)
(Not received)
Happy New Year 2020!
Player online at 01.01.2020 00:00!
(Not received)
Are you able to master the power of this amazing warrior?!
(Not received)