Cast System

DBV CastSystem (List)

 Name [Level]
 Sikalafa Drims [847]
  *  (none)
 Amadix [1066]
  *  (none)
 Expie W Czapce [781]
  *  (none)
(List refresh every save server / player / [!cast update / !save])

Cast command for player:
  !cast on - Cast start
  !cast off - Cast off/close
  !cast pass, PasWord - Cast set private pass
   *(to remove pass !cast pass, off
  !cast desc, DesCriPtIoN - Set description
  !cast ban, NaMe - Bans player on your cast
    *(to Unban !cast unban, NaMe, ban list: !cast bans)
  !cast mute, NaMe - Mute player on your cast
    *(to Unmute !cast unmute, NaMe, mutes list: !cast mutes)
  !cast viewer - Spectators list (name)
  !cast status - Stauts cast (count viewer, description and password)
  !cast update - Save setting (description and status updates [to list on web])

Cast command for Spectators:
  /name - Set nickname for any
  /status - Stauts cast (count viewer, name spec)

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