DBVictory WAR (4Fun) Server
Work client from S1 | Beta: Select [S1] World
START: 13.03.2021r | 16:00 PL

The server will probably be shutdown a ~week
before start [S1] World (30.04.2021)

Server DBV WAR [S2] (4Fun):
* Start: 13.03.2021r | 16:00 PL
* Typ: PVP Enfo (NO skull, Exp for player)
* PVP 500lvl+ (BOL work only to 500 lvl)
* Reborn 1400 level
* Exp Stage:
1-1000lvl x100
1001-1800lvl x60
1801-2200 x20
2201-2400 x2
2401+ x1

* Loot: x20
* Senzu 100x = 10 Gold
* FREE: Spells FREE | PACC | Trans FREE (PQ-Light-UI) | Account Auto Loot | Addons | GOD Skin
* SET (EQ) / Glove-Sword From Box - City Center (depends on lvl)
* Drop from monster (bonus) Upgrade (attack, critical etc)
* Same status from S1 (last update - quest, addon etc)
* Test of a new proxy server for South American players

BOT: Not allowed!
* 1 Catch = BAN 12h
* 2 Catch = BAN 7Day
* 3 Catch = DELETE

PPoints: I wrote yesterday that it will be possible to transfer PPoints from the previous edition to this server (S2 WAR) but it doesn't make sense.
- The codes can only be used on S1, so for convenience you can write them down in a notebook so that you do not search in e-mail